Dr. Capwell

Dr. Capwell

Hi! I’m Dr. Barbara Capwell. I am very grateful for being one of those lucky people who always "knew what they wanted to be." By the time I was in second grade I was telling everyone who would listen that I was going to be a veterinarian someday.

I grew up in upstate New York, earned a Bachelor's degree in Animal Science from Cornell University, and then fled the cold East Coast Winters as soon as I graduated! I spent a few years working as a veterinary technician in Phoenix before I finally went to veterinary school at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado. I was very worried about having to endure winters again, but the Colorado winter weather was mild by comparison and the opportunity and experience was certainly worth the teeth-chattering and slippery driving conditions!

I graduated from Veterinary School in May 1998 and took my first job as a veterinarian at the Santa Cruz Humane Society in Nogales, AZ. Later, I moved to Tucson, and worked several years at Valley Animal Hospital. My friend and mentor there was TK Warfield. He taught me so much and was a huge influence in making me a skilled and confident surgeon! To him I will always be grateful!

In 2003, I moved back to "the Valley of the Sun," the place that I love! I worked for a few years at the Arizona Humane Society in the Second Chance Animal Hospital. It was unbelievable the things I saw there, and it was an invaluable opportunity to help animals! I loved that job and felt like I really made a difference in the lives of the animals I saw there. Animal Planet filmed a series there, and you can see me in some episodes of Animal Planet Heroes: Phoenix (I tried but could not always escape the camera). After I left the Arizona Humane Society I worked mostly as a relief vet in small animal practice and emergency clinics until I finally decided to buy my own animal hospital.

I bought Burke Veterinary Hospital in March 2008 because I wanted to create a friendly environment for people to bring their pets for veterinary care. I wanted animals and their people to be treated with respect, compassion, and dignity. I wanted a great staff that loved their jobs and looked forward to coming to work each day. I think you will find all these good things at Gentle Care Animal Hospital!

Of course I have pets, which include a few Chihuahuas, (Chamaco, Mouse, Grizzly Bear, Twig, Olive, Martin, Keeper, Mr. G, and Stewie!) and a Lab/Rottie mix (Vinnie). I have one orange cat (JT), a huge Ragamuffin cat (Macchiato), and an African grey parrot (Superbird!). I also foster animals for NURDs rescue. My hobbies (you think I have time for hobbies???) are playing with dogs, feeding dogs, feeding the bird, feeding cats, cleaning up after dogs, cleaning up after cats, cleaning the bird cage, reading, sleeping, and brushing the cats.


Crystal Chance

Hi! My name is Crystal Chance. I am an Arizona native, born and raised in Northern Arizona. I have worked in the veterinary field for since 2001 and have always had a special connection with animals. My gentle touch and ability to sense your pet's feelings lend me an exceptional skill to understand their emotions and pain threshold. I know that the care I give to your pet will be the best that there is to offer. I am very diligent in keeping up with the newest techniques, medicines and procedures to best serve your favorite friend.

I love fishing, camping and cooking; my favorite store is Bass Pro Shop. I have an Australian Shepherd/Queensland Heeler mix named Blue, an American Curl named Scoops, and a Chihuahua named Penelope Jane, who is the boss of us all!

I hope to see you soon at Gentle Care Animal Hospital!



Hi, my name is Mercedes. I was born and raised in Phoenix, and I graduated from Carrington College in December 2015 with a certificate in veterinary assisting. I have one spoiled rescue cat, Venus.